October Rage’s Indiegogo Tour Campaign across the USA

October Rage is currently on tour in the USA, and now is your chance to be a part of it! Help us stay out on tour and get some great perks for doing so!

Visit October Rage’s Indiegogo Campaign Page to get started!

(here is an excerpt from the Campaign Home Page)


Welcome to October Rage’s Indie Go Go campaign page! In case you’re not yet aware, we are a rock band from Australia currently on tour in the United States. We’ve had multiple releases, including a full length album and our latest single, White Walkers, and have shared the stage with some of the biggest bands in the world, including Bon Jovi, Sevendust, Steel Panther and Saliva.

Indie Go Go is a fundraising platform where artists can raise funds for tours, albums, etc… and fans can contribute by getting what is called “perks” e.g rewards for supporting their favorite artists.

October Rage’s campaign is dedicated to raising enough funds to keep our tour going so we can reach every corner of the world where you, the fans, want to see us play. By contributing to October Rage’s cause, you can become a HUGE part of our history and join us on our journey!


The money generated from our campaign will mainly go towards funding tour expenses – gas, equipment, food, travel expenses, (recording a new song or two perhaps?), as well as mailing out all those “perks”.

“Perks” are what you receive as a reward for your support. The bigger your donation, the larger the rewards. If you don’t have that much cash, don’t worry. Every little bit helps and is fully appreciated. For instance, for a small donation you can get every single song October Rage has ever released delivered digitally straight to your email. For larger donations, you can get anything from your own private house concert to a signed guitar that was actually used to record the album!


* We are currently making a huge dent in the music industry and building a lot of momentum. With the funds raised we can continue our winning streak and bring the music directly to the fans.

* October Rage has no record label – every last bit of funding goes straight into funding the tour and creating new music!

* We love playing shows – the more funds we raise, the more we can keep touring and bring our show to your town!

Other ways you can help:

We know that not everyone can contribute, the economy is horrible and funds are tight sometimes. That doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of this, however. Be a member of our street team and get the word out about this project!

There are many share tools on this very website you can use to let your friends, family and even strangers know about October Rage and the campaign.




Thank you so much!! We can’t do this without you!

Rock On

October Rage

Nick, Will, JB, and Alan

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